You can use this data when defining your target audience.
These are the characteristics of the target audience most likely to buy our products.
It is important to define a relevant target audience to maximise conversion rates and ROI.

In addition to interior design, the target audience is also interested in the following topics:

Narrowing the target audience based on life situation

Age: 18-30
Marital status: single
Living situation: Separation from parents
Objective: renovate and decorate first home

Text samples:
“Decorate your first home with help of the Dreamhome Guide!”
“Create the home of your dreams, where the spaces reflects your taste.”
“The Dreamhome Guide will help make designing your new home a stress-free and exciting experience.”

Age: 20-35
Marital status: newly married
Living situation: Getting married and moving in together, planning to start a family
Objective: to create a shared home, child-friendly yet stylish spaces

Text samples:
“The Dreamhome Guide also gives tips and super advice on creating a stylish home and family-friendly spaces.”
“Design and create your perfect family home with the Dreamhome Guide, which offers not only super style tips, but also practical ideas for space management, storage and decorating.”
“Are you planning your home together? Then get the Dreamhome Guide, which will make planning a really enjoyable experience for both of you!”
“The Dreamhome Guide makes it easy and simple to create your family nest.”

Age: 39-55
Marital status: married
Living situation: children leaving home
Objective: Redesigning the space or moving to a smaller apartment

Text samples:
“Refresh the style and design of your home to your changing needs with the Dreamhome Guide!”
“Customise your home to your needs, design and organise without a decorator: the key is the Dreamhome Guide! Get it as soon as possible to get a fresh look at your home.”
“If you’re looking to give your home a makeover, it’s time to plan and make it happen: the Dreamhome Guide is your perfect tool for creating your dream home!”

Age: 30-55
Marital status: divorced
Living situation: Divorce, separation, new start
Objective: To create a comfortable and inspiring home for a new start

Text samples:
“Find your own home style with the Dreamhome Guide! Make your home the way you want it, without the help of an interior designer.”
“Create your living space so that it really suits you and is not only comfortable but also inspiring for your daily activities.”
“Enjoy your freedom and create your own dream home with the Dreamhome Guide!”
“Create your dream home the way you like it, without the help of an interior designer: get the Dreamhome Guide, which takes you step-by-step along the path to creating your dream home.”

Age: 35-55
Marital status: single parent
Living situation: A comfortable and practical home that is perfectly in harmony with the parent’s needs, but also child-friendly
Objective: To create a child-friendly and parent-friendly home that meets all needs

Text samples:
„How to combine a home office, a children’s room and a super reading corner in one home? The Dreamhome Guide makes it easy to create a home to your own taste and needs, without the help of a decorator!”
“A perfect home where you and your child feel comfortable and the spaces meets both of your needs? With the Dreamhome Guide, you can easily create a dream home that’s perfect for both of you!”