Do you also love Pinterest inspiration videos and pictures?

We’ve collected hundreds of inspirational videos on our Pinterest page to give you some ideas.

At Creating Dreamhome, we are a team that collects and provides interior design tips. I’m Réka, the creator of Creating Dreamhome. Years ago, my friends and I got really hooked on Pinterest and started collecting inspiration the same way you are now!

I’m a lover of interior design and I’m always looking for new and feasible great ideas. However, my friends have complained a lot that despite gathering inspiration on Pinterest, they just can’t perfectly implement it in their homes. You’re probably familiar with the situation where you download a beautiful picture of a decor or a whole room, and when you try to implement it in your own home, it doesn’t turn out exactly the same as in the pictures.

Over the years, I’ve helped many of my friends achieve exactly what they see in the inspiration photos and get exactly what they want when they decorate or remodel their home. It was during one of these remodeling projects that I had the idea to bring this experience to as many people as possible, so that anyone can perfectly implement what they see on Pinterest photos in their own home.

Thanks to many months of work and the team I have assembled, I can now finally share with you the learning material that will help you take your home decorating to the next level. The learning material has been carefully designed and prepared for you as an ebook.

If you like to decorate your home, you will love this ebook!

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