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To boost your Instagram conversions, read our social media marketing expert’s advice:

  1. Post consistently: always try to post at the same time on Instagram, for example 1 posts in the morning and 1 posts in the evening every day. Test when your audience is most active and choose the perfect time to post based on reach and response.
  2. Stories: create a story every day, because your followers scroll through the stories more often than Instagram feed.
  3. Number of posts: post at least 1 posts per day, but no more than 4-5 posts per day.
  4. Post quality: make sure the images are of good quality, sharp and contrasty. If the image contains a text overlay, it should always be clearly legible. Do not use copyrighted images!
  5. SEO: use keywords! Use keywords on text overlay and in description. Use relevant hashtags!

Example of Instagram post:


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